Tupac Shakur has a Sex Tape

Someone is in possession of a Tupac sex tape and there are plans to release it.

This is not apparently one of those urban legends spreading around about celebrities having sex tapes. Whatever the motive is behind the sudden release of this tape, especially involving someone who has passed away a number of years ago, is something that puzzles us. However, Tupac is Tupac and will forever be famous, that’s probably why.

Anyway, TMZ is reporting that it is the real deal and claimed to have seen it. In the tape, TMZ describes Tupac entering a room with his pants down to his ankles. He pulls a woman and asks her to perform oral sex on him while an unreleased rap song of the rapper is playing in the background. Tupac while singing even puts his arm around Money B from Digital Underground. The five minute tape ends when Tupac was just ready to have sex.

Wait, if there’s an unreleased rap song playing in the background, we’re more interested with that one. Seriously.

Would you rather see Tupac rapping or…