3 Dead Babies Found In Vermin Filled House, Woman Held Without Bail

Detectives investigating a case of reckless endangerment of children were in for a surprise on Thursday night when 3 dead babies were found inside a vermin infested home in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Erika Murray, the woman of the house, is currently being charged with fetal death concealment, witness intimidation, and permitting substantial injury to a child.

Investigators arrived at the house of Erika Evans on Thursday as detectives were following up on the body of a dead infant found in a closet on Monday. This comes after four children, ages 6 months, 3, 10, and 13, were removed from the home on August 26 due to substandard living conditions. A further investigation on Thursday found two more bodies, bringing the count up to 3 dead babies in total. When the four children were removed from the home, the 6-month-old was covered in feces as it was lying in bed. The children are currently in state custody.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. described the conditions in the house.

“The house is filled with vermin. We have flies. We have bugs. We have used diapers, in some areas, as much as a foot-and-a-half to 2-feet high.”

Neighbors were surprised when investigators donned hazmat suits to enter the home and search out more infants, in addition to the 3 dead babies that were already found, and any other surprises that they might find. One neighbor, Marilynn Soucy, lives only a few doors down from Erika Murray’s home, and was surprised by the event. She knew of a foul odor that came from the house, but never imagined the extent of the filth.

“I am so disgusted. It hasn’t really registered in my head yet. My husband and I raised seven children. We have 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I cannot imagine hurting a child.”

She continued, “If we thought kids were being abused or living in squalor we would have said something.”

The investigation is ongoing, and there is no news regarding the age of the 3 dead babies, whether they were boys or girls, or how long they have been hidden in the filth-infested house. Erika Murray’s pleas were entered Friday on her behalf by attorney Keith Halpern. He responded to questions regarding the not guilty pleas.

“You’ve seen the photos of this house. Do you think somebody could live in those circumstances and not be seriously mentally ill?”

[Photo Courtesy: Zenfs]