Joe Biden’s Brother Hospitalized After Receiving White Powder

Vice President Joe Biden’s brother Francis Biden, 57, was hospitalized over the weekend after a package arrived at him home that was full of a white powder substance.

The package arrived at Francis’ Ocean Ridge, Florida home and poured out onto his skin as he opened the box. After the powder was released officials from the FBI sealed off the street and began evacuating neighbors for a period of 8 hours after Biden and his girlfriend were taken to the hospital for testing.

While his girlfriend was quickly released (she didn’t come in direct contact with the powder), Francis was held overnight, Biden confirmed the reasoning behind his late release noting:

“I was the only one who came in contact with the powder, so they kept me.”

After a 24 hour observation period Biden was released from the hospital with no ill effects.


According to FBI officials the package was sent from somewhere in India.

Francis Biden runs a non-profit organization that operates a tuition-free charter school in Florida for troubled students. When asked what else was contained in the package Biden told the Palm Beach Post that all questions about what else was found discovered should be directed to FBI officials who are currently investigating the incident.

An entire street isolated and evacuated, an ongoing investigation into the exact whereabouts of the powder, do you feel as if this type of attention would have been paid to the white powder had it been delivered to a “regular citizens” home instead of the brother of the Vice President of the United States.