Andre Johnson Injured As Texans Top Steelers, Beat Up Roethlisberger

All-Pro receiver Andre Johnson was injured on Sunday while his fellow Houston Texans went on to claim the W against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Backing up Johnson after his injury Arian Foster helped carry his team with 155 yards and a go-ahead touchdown following Johnson’s hamstring injury as the Texans defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-10.

Speaking after the game Foster revealed:

“I go into every contest thinking that I’m the go-to guy,” while adding, “When the flow of the game starts going, we need certain things, and you’ve got to be there for your team.”

After heading to the teams dressing room Johnson returned to the sidelines to watch his 3-1 Texans finish off the injury riddled Steelers (2-2).

The injury doesn’t seem serious with Texans owner Bob McNair telling ESPN that he wasn’t “overly concerned” with the injury but would wait for final tests to be returned.

As Johnson bowed out with his injury Foster looked healthy for the first time in the weeks as he broke for a 42-yard touchdown with 30 carries.

Foster said of his performance:

“It was my first game back, really, fully, and I felt 100 percent…It was a nice welcome back and those guys were really welcoming.”

In the meanwhile Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger was beat up during the game with five sacks as the Steeler’s were missing two of their regular line starters. After the game Big Ben was seen wearing a protective boot on his left foot.

How much do you think the Andre Johnson injury will hurt the Houston Texans.