'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Is Coming: So Is A Dothraki Course

Selina Leavitt

Fans of Game of Thrones have to wait until April 2015 to see the next episodes. Whether those people have read the books or not, there's still a certain anxiety about what will happen, how it will happen, and who it will happen to.

In the meantime, there are books to be read, theories to consider and, now, a language to be learned.

Living Language is an online source that teaches a variety of languages to users. Although they specialize in real languages, they are now delving into fantasy by picking up the Game of Thrones language, Dothraki.

Although Dothraki exists in the Game of Thrones books, the majority of it was developed for the HBO series.

David J. Peterson, linguist and co-founder of the Language Creation Society, was instrumental in fleshing out Dothraki for the Game of Thrones television series. The course is based completely off of the fleshed-out version of the language and will include vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural uses.

More than 500 words and phrases from the Game of Thrones language will appear in the course, including some content created exclusively for Living Language. There will even be audio samples to help fans ensure they're saying things perfectly.

This course will be the first official Dothraki guide, though fans of Game of Thrones have plenty of YouTube videos and wikis that attempt to teach the difficult language.

The Game of Thrones Dothraki course is set to come out October 7 and will cost $19.99. It is available for pre-order. There will also be an online course ($30) and an app for the iOS ($3.99).

While waiting for the Game of Thrones language course, there have been some SPOILERS shared on Reddit.

User PunchPatrol recently shared two images to Reddit from the Game of Thrones set.

In the first image, we see a figured referred to as the Weeping Woman. Her tears supposedly fill the bowl she is carrying. The second image represents the Lion of Night.

The images are from the House of Black and White, which is part of Arya's story line in the Game of Thrones series.

Fans that watched the Game of Thrones Season 4 finale will know that Arya had just boarded a ship to Braavos. There she will be heading to the House of Black and White, where she will meet the guild of Faceless Men.

It is said that filming for those scenes should begin shortly.