Lady Gaga Delayed Having Kids With Taylor Kinney Thanks To Tony Bennett

Okay, so let us make this clear — Lady Gaga is not having an affair with Tony Bennett. Aside from Bennett being married, this is strictly a mentor friendship — but the fact that Lady Gaga isn’t expecting kids with boyfriend Taylor Kinney has everything to do with her mentorship with Bennett.

According to the singer, who spoke to Parade, she was ready to give up on music after her last album ARTPOP failed to perform commercially. Lady Gaga has opened up about how she felt pressured by her record label to live up to unrealistic expectations, and when she couldn’t, it put her into a depressive state. All of this meant that Gaga was ready to refocus her energy on her relationship with Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney.

Gaga said, “I thought I did [want kids immediately], because I was feeling kind of finished with all of the chaos of my life, but then I started to spend a lot more time with Tony, and everything just became simpler, more pure, and more perfect. Now I think I’m going to take a lot more time before I have kids and settle down. I just want to sing.”

The studio sessions with Tony Bennett resulted in a collaborative jazz album called Cheek to Cheek which will hit stores on September 23. According to Gaga, her decision not to go forward with children for now was due to her experiences in the studio with Tony.

“Six months ago I didn’t even want to sing anymore. The other day, Tony said, ‘I’ve ­never once in my career not wanted to do this.’ It stung. Six months ago I didn’t feel that way. I tell Tony every day that he saved my life. I was so sad. I couldn’t sleep. I felt dead. And then I spent a lot of time with Tony. He wanted nothing but my friendship and my voice.”

Although Gaga isn’t ready to have kids like she previously thought, that doesn’t mean her relationship with Taylor Kinney is on the rocks. Just the other day, E! reported that Kinney serenaded Gaga at a Garth Brooks concert.

Sharing a photo from the concert, Gaga captioned on her Instagram, “He’s singing I Got Friends in Low Places. At the Garth Brooks show with my country boy. So much fun were screamin!” Sounds like the couple of three years is doing just fine to us!

As for the dynamic duo of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, check out their new video they released here.

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