World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus, Dies Of Old Age

Sad news to come out of Otsego, Michigan. The world’s tallest dog, Zeus, has died at the age of five. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, Zeus made the edition of Guinness World Records as the tallest living dog as he stood at 44 inches tall. On his hind legs he stood at a shocking 7 feet, 4 inches.

According to his owner, Kevin Doorlag, he told the Kalamazoo Gazette that Zeus weighed 165 pounds. Battle Creek Enquirer reported that Zeus’ diet consisted of a 30-pound bag of food two weeks at a time.

As the tallest dog in the world, Zeus was known around town as a local celebrity. Schools and hospitals enjoyed Zeus’ visits frequently, as he was trained as a therapy dog.

The Great Dane passed away from old age, and was only two months away from celebrating his sixth birthday. Watching Zeus bring happiness to so many people will be a memory that Doorlag will always have.

“Those are some of the things I’ll never forget about him. He was definitely a great dog.” Of his dog Doorlag said, “We’ll really miss him. He was definitely a great dog.”

When the news broke of Zeus’ death, people immediately started posting tributes and pictures of the world’s tallest dog.

Zeus isn’t the first Guinness dog to pass away. Last year, The Inquisitr reported that Giant George died. Dave Nasser, the owner of George, said at the time of his death, “The day that we put up on Facebook that he had passed away, we got 13,000 comments. They were all so amazingly nice. I just sat there, and it was so emotional. It helped, but it made me sad too.”

[Image via kalamazoo gazette]