‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: The Week 12 Nominations Are Revealed

There’s a new Head of Household in the Big Brother 16 house, and that person has actually taken a risk with the week 12 nominations. Will it work, or will the next evicted houseguest be a predictable choice? There are Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds that break it all down.

Caleb Reynolds won HOH Thursday night after the live show, and Friday he made his nominations. It was really a given that Victoria Rafaeli would be one of the nominees, but who did Caleb pick for the other spot? Big Brother spoilers via Big Brother Network reveal that Frankie Grande is sitting next to Victoria on the nomination block, at least for now.

How did Frankie end up on the block? As Buddy TV notes, Derrick made sure he got in Caleb’s ear as quickly as possible after the week 12 HOH competition. Caleb came to the conclusion that because Cody had been such a loyal alliance member as a pawn the previous week, he should get to stay off the block. Frankie tried to convince Caleb to keep him off the block, but Reynolds went ahead and put him up as a pawn against Victoria. Of course, Derrick and Cody are aiming to evict Frankie, though, not Victoria.

Why put Frankie up now rather than wait until the Power of Veto? Derrick convinced Caleb that if Frankie won POV, which he often does, and he took Victoria off the block, then either Cody or Derrick could end up going to the jury. That argument is probably a bit of a stretch, but it seems Caleb went for it. Frankie went on the block.

The Power of Veto competition will be held soon, and it will once again be the morph-o-matic. Frankie won it last time, but Derrick was only a few seconds behind him. Obviously if Frankie wins this POV again, it will mess up Derrick and Cody’s plans. Derrick feels confident he can win it, and he’s been studying the pictures of the houseguests to prepare. Frankie, though, will be fighting hard. No matter what the guys say to him, he’s been aware he is in a risky position.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feed also showed the luxury competition. This one was a fun one, as the houseguests all had to sit and watch on camera as the jury members came in and took over the house for a few minutes. They trashed everything, and there was nothing the remaining five could do but watch.

As the jury members were in the house, they were on the hunt for something hidden that represented $5,000. Afterwards, each remaining houseguest picked a shirt with a jury member’s name on it. Hayden found the money and Victoria happened to pick Hayden’s name, so Victoria just scored $5,000.

Stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers coming throughout the weekend to see what happens with the POV. Is Frankie Grande’s time in the Big Brother 16 house about to come to an end? If there’s one thing that’s been clear this season, it’s that one can never count Frankie out. However, Derrick usually gets his way, and fans will be very anxious to see what comes next in week 12 in the BB16 house.

[Image via Shaw Media]