John Mayer Planning To Hijack Jennifer Lawrence From Chris Martin Who?

Here we go again: rumor is, John Mayer has his eyes on Jennifer Lawrence, and his master plan is to hijack the Hunger Games diva from Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Supposedly, John has been plotting to hook up with Jennifer since 2012, when she was still dating Nicholas Hoult. Back then, Mayer was spied flirting with Lawrence at Los Angeles’ Medieval Times restaurant. At the time, Hoult took Mayer’s advances with a grain of salt and didn’t feel threatened. Perhaps he needs to familiarize himself with John Mayer, the soulful singer, who often moonlights as a ladies man.

Mayer is known for having dated some of Hollywood’s A-listers. The 36-year-old crooner has been linked to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and one of America’s sweethearts — Jennifer Aniston, citing a HollywoodLife celebrity news report. Now, he wants to “woo” JLaw away from Chris Martin.

An insider for HL shared the steamy details of John’s planned heist from underneath Martin’s nose, and word is, Mayer is not at all bothered by the fact Jennifer and Chris are romancing the stone. Mayer, they say, is “determined to win her heart,” and as long as Jennifer is not “wearing a ring on her finger,” John Mayer will proceed with “Operation Woo” as planned.

“John has had a thing for Jennifer for quite some time now and he’s still trying to romance her despite her involvement with Chris. John is determined to win Jennifer’s heart. They had a late dinner together at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood on Aug. 29.”

While Nicholas was passive about John’s advances on Jennifer, perhaps Chris Martin is a bit more on guard? The insider thinks otherwise.

“Chris who? That’s how John feels. It’s not like she’s wearing a ring on her finger and John will continue to try and woo her until she does. He’s not in the least bit set back by the fact that Jennifer’s been out on multiple dates with Chris,” the source concludes.

Bookkepers shouldn’t start offering odds on John’s plans to win Jen’s heart. And if having a heart of gold has anything to do with it, John may be long on hope and short on possibility.

A source close to Lawrence said Chris proved his love for Jennifer during her ordeal with the recent nude photo hack.

“Chris has been by her side physically and emotionally through the entire nude photo scandal and really wanted to take her out to have her live her life and not hide out until she had to do her promotion for The Hunger Games in a few weeks.

“[Chris] wanted to take her out and have fun and eat at a great place and by the looks of things he nailed it. The scandal actually has a silver lining because she is seeing the true Chris and is loving every minute of it.”

It’s true that anything goes in Hollywood, but is John Mayer really plotting to take Chris Martin’s girlfriend? If so, would JLaw play ball?

[Image via: Imgarcade]