‘Sims 4’ Gets An Unofficial Nudity Mod

If you’re one of those Sims 4 players who believes the game doesn’t come pre-packaged with enough simulated perversion, then you’re certainly in luck.

Since the folks at Maxis and Electronic Arts aren’t overly concerned with showing virtual private parts in The Sims 4, a slightly misguided modder with perhaps a little too much time on his hands crafted something that will introduce full-frontal nudity to the game. Because if you can’t see naked Sims on-screen, then the experience just isn’t complete.

As Kotaku points out, the Sims 4 nudity mod simply removes the pesky mosaic that pops up whenever your character decides to use the bathroom or take a shower. In short: It’s the equivalent of taking off a doll’s clothes and staring at the humps of plastic hidden underneath. Hey, at least you get to see your Sim urinate without that pixelated circle getting in the way, am I right? High-fives all around.

Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone introduces an anatomically correct Sims 4 nudity mod, as well as other disturbing elements we’d rather not spend too much time thinking about at the moment. Considering the game allows children to hit on their parents and make out with their siblings, there’s plenty of seriously uncomfortable content to keep everyone happy for the moment. In theory, anyway.

If you’re at all curious to see the Sims 4 nudity mod in action, then by all means, download it from Mod the Sims. When you’ve finished getting a sophomoric thrill from the unofficial addition, dress your character up at Captain America or add some unsightly body hair. The sky’s the limit, that is, unless you want to build a proper three-story house, buy a swimming pool, raise a toddler, or roam freely around the neighborhood.

According to IncGamers, you can also give your Sims character a variety of sexy underwear. It’s almost as if Maxis and EA have created a pervert simulation, though no one who plays the game wants to take that extra step and actually admit it. Sometimes it’s good to be honest with ourselves, especially when you’re adding body hair and sexy underwear to a virtual character you’ll ultimately set on fire at some point.

Unfortunately, The Sims 4 hasn’t received a very strong reception from gamers. The countless bugs, not to mention a lack of features, have resulted in numerous bad reviews. For example, The Escapist reviewer Jim Sterling feels that all you’re getting is a stripped down version of The Sims 3. That’s not exactly a glowing write-up.

“After everything that had been added to ‘The Sims 3,’ this new game feels like a hard reboot to factory settings, brushing away a lot of what fans have come to enjoy without really adding much in the way of fresh content. While some may argue that it’s unrealistic to expect all the expansions and DLC from ‘The Sims 3’ to show up in the sequel, I’d argue it’s equally unrealistic to try and turn back the clock on everything we’ve gotten used to and not expect anybody to notice.”

Are you a fan of The Sims 4? Do you plan to download the nudity mod?

[Lead image via Electronic Arts / Maxis]