‘Teen Wolf’ Star Dylan O’Brien Appreciates ‘Maze Runner’ Fans’ Support

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien is now a part of two very popular franchises, something that very few actors get to experience.

Outside of maybe Jennifer Lawrence, who is presently involved with both X-Men and The Hunger Games, there are very few folks in Hollywood that have to contend with two very vocal fanbases. When the Teen Wolf heartthrob signed on to star in director Wes Ball’s adaptation of Maze Runner, he became a member of a very exclusive club.

Although comparing Teen Wolf fans to Maze Runner obsessives is perhaps a little difficult, the question was recently posed to O’Brien during a chat with Variety. When asked which group was more fanatical, the actor offered up a very diplomatic response.

“I haven’t gotten a huge glimpse of the ‘Maze Runner’ fan-base quite yet. Seems similar with age and casting, and they share a similar audience. To me the ‘Maze Runner’ fans have been so supportive of everything I have done. It makes it easier to adapt a book that is popular with kids because of how excited they are about the project you don’t get the criticisms you would get with other projects.”

Here’s hoping the Teen Wolf star has plenty of free time on his schedule in the near future. In addition to filming Season 5 of the MTV series, there’s a good possibility a sequel to The Maze Runner will hit the big screen in the near future. Assuming, of course, people flock to the theater to see the first installment later this month.

Director Wes Ball seems confident that it’s going to happen.

“We’ve got stages, we’ve got crews coming in, Dylan [O’Brien] will be back in a few weeks, we’re building sets, and the script is being written. It’s a bit of a race this time because we’re cautiously optimistic, but we’re feeling excited we’re about to do something that’s way more sophisticated, way more grown up, and really set up a saga here.”

If you’re hoping to see more of the Teen Wolf star’s lighter side on the series going forward, executive producer Russell Mulcahy told TV Line that they plan to shift gears a bit more in Season 5. Although the Highlander director didn’t go into details, Stiles (O’Brien) will slowly but surely get back to normal.

“I don’t think [his lighter side] ever really disappeared, but I know he went to a really dark place in Season 3B. When he was possessed, we really saw his dark side. But that lighter side — and, specifically, the lighter side of Stiles and his dad — will continue.”

Are you a fan of Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien? Are you planning to catch the actor in Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner later this month?

[Lead image via 20th Century Fox]