Man Beats Woman He Lives With, Then Sets Her Genitals On Fire, Police Allege

Police arrested a Lititz, Pennsylvania, man after he allegedly beat a woman who had been living with him and then set her genital region on fire. The assaults allegedly took place over a period of a week. Saturday, police charged Donald Dale Hackman Jr. with felony arson, two counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment of a minor, and three counts of misdemeanor simple assault, according to Lancaster Online and court records.

Hackman’s victim and her son had been living with him for about a month. The victim told police he had beat her repeatedly in the face and gut with a closed fist. She also told police that he had whipped her many times with a belt. At one point, while assaulting her, Hackman, who previously worked as an EMT, allegedly lit her genital area on fire. A police press release said the man poured lighter fuel onto the victim’s genital area before lighting her on fire.

The victim told police that Hackman, who, according to an earlier report by Lancaster Online, is the father of a teenager, also allegedly locked the victim’s young son in a closet as punishment for “acting out” during the assault.

After lighting her genital region on fire, the victim told police that he yelled at her for crying and screaming in agony. Hackman eventually extinguished the flames he set in her groin area, but not before she suffered second and third degree burns to her lower abdomen, genitals, and inner thighs, according to police.

Hackman’s victim was admitted to Heart of Lancaster Hospital. She was later transferred to Lehigh Valley Hospital burn care unit where she is currently trying to recover.

“I’ve never dealt with injuries like that on any type of assault from a male toward a female victim,” Lititz Borough detective sergeant John Schofield said. “My heart went out to this woman.”

The woman’s son is staying with a family member.

Schofield told the media that Hackman did not resist arrest and that he believes Hackman knew he was about to be arrested. Hackman remains incarcerated in Lancaster County Jail in lieu of bail, which was set at $500,000. Court records state that he was unable to post bail.

In December of last year, Hackman appears to have posted a request for a roommate on Facebook.

“I am currently looking for a roommate. Large 2 bedroom apt. in downtown Lititz. Large kitchen and balcony. Large screen TV (satellite and internet). Full house privileges. 2 privet entrances and off street parking. Must be responsible and NO DRUG USE,” Hackman’s Facebook account stated.

Hackman recently took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but when the video is posted, the comment nonchalantly reads, “I would also like to nominate Pres. Obama for the liquid nitrogen challenge.”

In another post from social media, Don Hackman seems to have left a now eerie Facebook review for a bail bond company stating, “I used to do work for Zeke. He goes the extra mile. Nice guy but Dont split on him or someone like me comes after you.”

On another Facebook post, Don Hackman appears to rant about women demanding equal pay.

“Not all, but 95% whine all day doing the same job those guys are doing. Grant you not my department, but its where I’ve been doing my thing last week and this. They cry and whine until they get to basically stand there and sort things to be put away. BUT GOD FORBID they take the 10 pound box were its supposed to go to be taken away for storage. The females outnumber the males in this are 5-1. These guys bust a hump all day to the women can chat. (With some exceptions). I’m just saying pay the guys more or pay the women less. (The lazy ones) and management supports it. That’s what gets me. One could reasonably argue that, if John is chivalrous to Jill but not to Jane he’s guilty of some sort of sexual harassment in today’s world.”

According to Local 21 News, before getting arrested for allegedly setting fire to his housemate’s genitals and allegedly beating her over the course of several days, he had only previously faced harassment charges which arose in 2012.