Blue Ivy A Big Sister? Evidence Grows Of Second Pregnancy For Jay Z And Beyonce

Blue Ivy could soon be a big sister, as reports grow that Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting baby No. 2.

The family has been in Italy for the last week, spending a relaxing vacation in Corsica that coincides with Beyonce’s birthday and the conclusion of their On the Run summer tour.

While there, Beyonce reportedly dropped a big hint that she is pregnant.

MediaTakeOut reported, “Beyonce was spotted CONSISTENTLY rubbing her belly – and she had a specially made dress – with the BELLY CUT OUT. And it that’s not enough – Bey had GOLD PAINT on her tummy, to make the announcement LOUD AND CLEAR!!!”

This seemed to confirm reports from the end of August that Beyonce was expecting again.

“For the last month, Jay has been fiercely protective of her, just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy,” the source told OK! magazine. “He’s been doing everything he can to ensure that Bey is in a stress-free bubble. He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting and listen to only soft music, and he’s said that all of the food BeyoncĂ© eats should be organic.”

Oddly, it has been just a few weeks since the arrival of a few decidedly different rumors about Blue Ivy. As reports grew that Jay Z and Beyonce were headed for divorce, the rapper’s alleged mistress, Tina Seals, announced a lawsuit claiming that she is the real mother of Blue Ivy. This revived rumors from the time of the pregnancy that Beyonce had faked her baby bump, and was really having her daughter via a surrogate.

An an expert told Hollywood Life that the lawsuit might be more than just hot air — assuming Tina is telling the truth, that is.

“It is entirely possible that a surrogate could come in and have some rights to a child. Even if rights were relinquished in a contract,” Matrimonial Family Expert Leslie Barbara said.

For now, there is no official statement from Jay Z or Beyonce on whether Blue Ivy will become a big sister.

[Image via Billboard]