‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Director Josh Boone Opens Up About ‘The Stand’

The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone is currently hard at work on his upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel The Stand. According to the filmmaker, the script for the flick is already hammered out.

Since the adaptation of John Green’s best-selling novel was a raging success, it’s not altogether surprising that the Fault in Our Stars director has a number of projects waiting in the wings. Instead of taking on something light and easy, Boone decided to tackle one of the King’s most epic endeavors. It’s definitely a huge project.

According to Moviepilot, the filmmaker has already completed the script for his version of The Stand. What’s more, Josh claims Stephen King is a huge fan of his adaptation. When you get the author’s seal of approval, you’re definitely on the right track.

The Fault in Our Stars helmer told Collider that his version of the tale currently clocks in at around three hours. Considering the length of the source material, that’s not altogether surprising. Of course, it’s unknown if the studio will allow him to release such a lengthy film into theaters without splitting it in two parts.

“I finished writing the script maybe a month ago. Stephen [King] absolutely loved it. It’s, I think, the first script ever approved by him. [It’ll be] a single version movie of The Stand. Three hours. It hews very closely to the novel. It was such an amazing process. I’m so familiar with [King’s] work and I’ve read so many of his books so many times over the years that it was just a really comfortable thing to be able to work with his material.”

While some people might get overwhelmed at the thought of adapting such a monstrous novel, the Fault in Our Stars director seemed to embrace the challenge. Boone hopes to begin shooting the feature at some point next summer.

“So it’s not a book where you have to generate new material and make it work for a movie. He writes so cinematically and his characters are so sharply drawn. You don’t have to change much. [You use] a lot of structural things to condense a thousand pages into a three-hour movie but it’s still at heart his material. I just made it work within the confines of what a single film can be.”

Are you a fan of The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone? What do you think about the filmmaker tackling The Stand as his follow-up to the hit drama?

[Lead image via The Huffington Post]