Diem Brown Cancer Update: ‘Challenge’ Star Leaves Hospital, Faces Chemo In Colon Cancer Battle

MTV Challenge star Diem Brown’s cancer is back in the form of colon cancer in this third go-around with the disease, but the determined reality TV star isn’t about to give up. It has been a very challenging few weeks for the star, but the good news is that she is now out of the hospital.

People shares that Diem is now home after a couple of emergency surgeries that took place in mid-August. However, she has a long road ahead. Brown, who has already battled ovarian cancer twice, now is facing a long battle against colon cancer. Diem says that being home is a big step in the right direction though she is definitely struggling.

Brown shares, “My mind thinks I can get up and do anything I want, and my body doesn’t really let me.”

Diem says she has just met with her doctor and there was both good news and bad. The two surgeries she went through in August did remove two large masses, one of which was in her colon. However, the cancer is not entirely gone. There are still cancer cells in her stomach lining so she will need to do chemotherapy. Brown admits that this third cancer has thrown her for a loop as it is a very serious situation.

Fans of MTV’s Challenge series love Diem Brown’s positive attitude and determination. She first joined the Fresh Meat season in 2006, which came just after her first cancer battle. She wore a wig through many of the episodes and became a fan favorite as she showed her vulnerability in taking off her wig for one of the competitions. Diem has gone on to compete in The Duel, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II, Battle of the Exes and Rivals II for the network.

Though Diem has always shown strength and determination in her cancer battles, this third battle is clearly a scary one. Brown has lost 25 pounds, and she has always been a petite gal to begin with. She says she has been able to see her heart beating through her skin and it has understandably freaked her out. Brown currently needs a wheelchair at times and is often relying on a walker, and she has a colostomy bag.

This battle obviously is not going to be an easy one, and Challenge fans are very worried about her. However, Diem never gives up, and she says that she has no choice right now but to face the cancer and fight it. Those wanting to follow along with Diem Brown’s cancer battle can check out her MedGift page. Brown started the website, a patient gift registry, as a way for medical patients to get help from friends and family while facing treatment. Now she’s utilizing it for her own battle. Here’s hoping Diem Brown beats cancer for the third time. It’s clear fans are definitely rooting for her.

[Image via EOnline UK]