Vail Chair Lift: Fallout From The Naked Skier Accident

The Vail chair lift accident that left a skier naked and upside down is leading to new fallout. The man seemingly got into a lift with a nonsecured seat and ended up becoming trapped, dangling from the device with his pants around his ankles.

Naked Skier Photo Fallout

The photos of the naked man on the ski lift quickly circulated around the Internet. It has now been confirmed that the photographer who snapped the naked skier shots — who worked for a Vail-hired contractor called Sharpshooters — has been suspended from the job. Vail insists it never asked the man to take the photos.

Vail Chair Lift Reaction

The Vail community has also cried out against the publicity surrounding the naked skier. The Vail Daily’s “Letters to the Editor” section has already featured notes expressing disappointment with the resort’s coverage of the incident.

“Pretty poor taste in showing the skier who got flipped on the Blue Sky lift,” reads one letter. “He was terrified and I am sure still not laughing about the ‘cheeky’ situation.”

“We think publishing the picture was in poor taste,” reads another.

Do you think it’s wrong for the images to have been published? Check your opinion below, and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

ORIGINAL STORY: Naked Skier: Vail Ski Lift Mishap Leaves Man Hanging Pantless [Photo]