Batmobile Official Photo Tweeted By ‘Batman V Superman’ Director Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder finally decided to post the first official photo of the new Batmobile, which Ben Affleck’s Batman will use in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Several images of the famous vehicle on set were posted to social media on Wednesday after the production moved to night shoots to allow the famous superhero to come out of his cave.

We had only seen one official photo of Batman — in his new suit — standing next to his Batmobile, also shared by Snyder on Twitter back in May, but the pic was a bit dark and not a lot of details could be observed.

On Wednesday night, Snyder was in a sharing mood and tweeted a photo captured by Batman v Superman photographer Clay Enos, which is a lot sharper and shows incredible details. This Batmobile can crush Christian Bale’s famous Tumbler. Check it out.

From the looks of it, the new Batmobile will be able to fight evil like never before (look at that gun machine mounted on top). Even though we don’t know the nature of the relationship between Batman and Superman (Henry Cavill), the “V” indicates some kind of animosity, and presumably, the Batmobile could be used against Superman. We will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, filming at night in the current location will continue until Friday, September 12. A couple of astute fans (@bananadoc and @D3TON8R) have been following the Batman v Superman production and posting several photos to Twitter throughout. They have been stalking, sorry staking out, the Russell Industrial Center, where the night scenes are being filmed.

If you look at the indoor images of the Batmobile and the outside of the building, it looks like this is where the vehicle is stored when not in use.

Additionally to the photos that were posted on Wednesday from the Batman v Superman set, Twitter user Eric Lacy spotted the Batmobile in another location on Thursday. Lacy also has posted several unrelated set photos on his page.

As more images from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continue to surface, fans continue to wait to catch a glimpse of Ben Affleck in his Batman suit and maybe driving the Batmobile. It could come any day now, so stay tuned to The Inquisitr.

[Image via Clay Enos/Twitter]