'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans On The Yelling: 'I Hate To See Jace Cry'

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been filming the show since the very beginning, and she has shared some heartbreaking scenes on the show. Jenelle gave up custody of her son, she was high while filming, and she even shared fights with various ex-boyfriends. But there is one thing that doesn't seem to change.

Jenelle Evans and her mother continue to argue and yell at one another. On yesterday's episode of Teen Mom, Jenelle flipped out on her mother because Nathan refused to come help with the baby shower. It is no secret that Evans was very emotional, but she broke down, yelled in front of Jace and stormed out of her mother's house.

According to a new set of tweets, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she hates seeing her son cry, especially after she and her mother were yelling at one another.

Of course, Jenelle Evans is partly at fault for the yelling. On Teen Mom, she tends to blame her mother for the arguments and the yelling. However, on last night's episode, Jenelle clearly infuriated Barbara with her rude answers and poor attitude. She may have gone through an emotional pregnancy, but she reacted in that manner before she even met Nathan.

Perhaps, Jenelle tends to get into yelling matches with her mother and Nathan because she tends to overdramatize situations. Just this week, Jenelle Evans made a big spectacle on Twitter after coughing up blood, according to The Inquisitr. Instead of just going to the hospital to get help, Evans tweeted up a storm about her medical condition, possibly just to get attention.

But Jenelle is trying to be a better mother to little Jace. She herself doesn't yell at her son, but she does yell at Nathan and her mother in front of Jace. This week, Jenelle Evans announced that she was taking her son to get a haircut. The world flipped out because she had agreed to give him a mohawk, essentially shaving over half of his head.

It is no secret that Jenelle Evans isn't completely innocent in the yelling and arguing, but she is trying to put her best foot forward. Are you surprised that she hates seeing Jace cry?

[Image via IB Times]