September 11, 2014
Hugh Jackman Is A Sore Loser?! Jimmy Fallon Proved It With This Game Of Pool Bowling

Hugh Jackman is a sore loser that cheats and quits when he doesn't get his way!

That is at least what was shown when Hugh Jackman appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently.

Jimmy Fallon seems to always love creating new games for his A-list celebrity guests to play with him when they come on his show. This time around, he decided to play a game of Pool Bowling with Hugh Jackman.

The basic premise of the game is to bowl pool balls barefooted on a giant pool table. The first person to sink three balls into the hole was the winner.

From the very first moment when Jimmy Fallon broke a chip off of one of the balls during the initial break, it was apparently clear that this was not his first time playing. As mentioned during the video, it was the first time that he played with a guest, but he made it obvious that he has played a little Pool Bowling on the side and had plenty of practice.

How exactly did Hugh Jackman become a sore loser?

About halfway through the game, Hugh Jackman reached into one of the holes to try and pull out one of the balls that Jimmy had already knocked into it. His goal was to make Jimmy think that he was still one ball behind and wasn't doing as well as he thought - especially since Jimmy struggled to keep count of the balls that he did knock in.

However, shortly after Hugh Jackman realized that he pulled out one of his own balls instead of Jimmy's, he started laughing uncontrollably and openly admitted that he tried to cheat - but failed.

Just when the match was getting good and the score was tied, Jimmy Fallon lined up the perfect shot. Instead of seeing it through and taking his loss like a good sport, Hugh Jackman left the stage where the game was set up and laid down on the interview couch near Jimmy's desk.

After watching this viral video, you will learn three things:

(1) Pool Bowling Looks Like a Lot of Fun: Chances are you will immediately start to think of how you can play Pool Bowling yourself either at your next party or in your backyard.

(2) Jimmy Fallon Gets PAID For This: Clearly, Jimmy Fallon has one of the highest-paying jobs on late night television. However, what's even more important is that he is clearly having the most fun doing it!(3) Hugh Jackman is a Sore Loser: Last but not least, Hugh Jackman is a sore loser and a bad cheater, but still has a huge sense of humor - a side that he doesn't get to show much of when he's playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies or Blackbeard in the new Peter Pan film.Hugh Jackman still thinks that he is the champion - even though he technically lost. How? By focusing on yet another technicality in this tweet from his official Twitter profile --What do you think about Hugh Jackman and his Pool Bowling cheating scandal? Keep in mind, boys and girls, this is all for fun. We all know that Hugh Jackman is an awesome man - on and off the screen. Besides, no one would be crazy enough to write anything bad about Wolverine...right?