George Clooney, Dog Lover, To Star In ‘Downton Abbey’ Charity Film

George Clooney is giving his smitten fans, lovers of Downton Abbey and a charity an early Christmas present. The actor/director/eternally handsomest-man-in-the-world will appear in a Downton Abbey charity movie, reported Us Weekly on Sept. 10. George Clooney, however, is taking on the role as a one-time gig rather than overwhelm viewers of the BBC series with too much Clooney charm to keep track of the sometimes-complex British plot.

A spokesperson clarified that George Clooney will be featured in a sketch scene for ITV’s Christmas charity fundraiser, Text Santa. The scene will take place in Highclere Castle. BBC watchers will note that the setting is the same for Downton Abbey.

But George won’t need to stress about feeling odd in the castle. He took his fiancee on a tour in May. And true to the George Clooney mantra (whatever you do, do it in grand fashion), the engaged duo had the castle to themselves.

“Highclere is sometimes open to the public but this day it wasn’t, so they were the only ones there. They spent a few hours there before they returned to their hotel,” said a source.

George Clooney may not have the opportunity to share his pseudo-British accent talents with U.S. audiences, however. The short Downton Abbey-related film will be shown on U.K. network ITV, reported the Hollywood Reporter on Sept. 11.

True to his belief that celebrities should pay it forward, the film in which George will star raises money for six U.K. charities. Other celebrities who have appeared on Downton Abbey include Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti.

While it would be absolutely too fab if George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in the castle setting, he’s keeping mum (except perhaps to her mum) about his wedding plans. And as the Inquisitr reported, he insists on planning much of the march down the aisle on his own. George Clooney may not go so far as to stage a basketball game during the reception, but we’re betting that he’ll make it very much his own special day.

Just what makes George Clooney so charming that the mere mention of his name can boost viewership for a charity film? You can get an insight into one of his most famous anecdotes, which is about his dog Einstein.

The little cocker-spaniel mix appeared on the Web site of a rescue organization. When George Clooney called, rather than swoon, the rescuer was firm.

“He has to love you,” she informed George Clooney, “or else I have to take him back.”

George Clooney was so worried that (depending on to whom he tells the story), he either rubbed meatballs on himself or enhanced his odor by rubbing turkey bacon on his body.

“Oh, my God, he’s never like this. He loves you,” said the woman.

Man meets dog. Dog meets man. And when the man is George Clooney, it’s a tale that probably will be told during his reception toasts. Now if he can just train Einstein the Dog to walk down the aisle with the ring, it will be the wedding of the century.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)