Hello Kitty For Men? Sanrio Introduces New Line Of Products For The Fellas

Guys who love Hello Kitty tend to get a lot of flack from folks who don’t understand their unwavering commitment to the beloved cartoon character. It doesn’t matter if she’s a cat, a girl, or a creature from the depths of the darkest oceans — people adore Hello Kitty.

If you’re not the sort of guy who loves to rock pastel colors or girly accessories, proclaiming your adoration for Hello Kitty is decidedly difficult. Most of the products currently on the market are clearly geared towards girls, which doesn’t seem very fair. The folks at Sanrio Inc. finally understand the character’s universal appeal, prompting them to rethink their marketing strategy. Feel free to start rejoicing right… now.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company intends to cash in on what’s apparently an untapped market. Although they were previously unwilling to give male Hello Kitty fans something a bit more masculine, Sanrio recently announced a brand new line of products. Unfortunately, details about the collection are practically non-existent.

Although Sanrio has a few Hello Kitty Men-oriented T-shirts on display at an expo in Japan this week, the official products won’t arrive until next year. Sadly, that’s pretty much all the info currently making the rounds online.

Need some classy Hello Kitty accessories to get you through until 2015? According to Anime News Network, folks who spend over $150 at Hanyku Men’s Tokyo will receive a “card case” featuring the adorable character absolutely free! While that’s not as undeniably awesome as, say, a bathrobe emblazoned with Hello Kitty’s likeness, you’ll have to make do with the case for the moment. Sorry, boys.

Not surprisingly, there are a few people out there who think Hello Kitty Men is an inherently bad idea. Check out some Twitter reactions to Sanrio’s upcoming line below.

What do you think about Sanrio’s upcoming Hello Kitty Men line? Do you think there’s a market for such a collection? Let us know in the comments.

[Lead image via Sanrio]