This Abandoned Cat Ballooned To 23 Lbs. But Now Exercises Regularly Thanks To The Vet

Cats usually maintain themselves. With regular grooming sessions and stretching, you won’t usually see a feline who is obese. But sometimes pets do get overweight, and that’s what happened to an adopted cat that was later abandoned in the streets.

The cat, aptly named King Leo, was found on the side of the road in Nashville, Tennessee weighing 23lbs (that’s the same weight as a bowling ball). Owing to his massive body, the cat was unable to even clean himself and was found with severely matted hair. The ten-year-old cat was taken to Cat Shoppe Rescue where he is now receiving care. Interestingly, the attending veterinary technician took a shine to the abandoned and obese kitty and decided to adopt him.

King Leo Was Given A Thorough Trim

As one of the foremost procedures to ensure the kitty isn’t infected, LaTisha Lampley, the technician who has adopted King Leo, gave him a thorough trim and is now working on reducing his weight, reported The Sun. Sharing her experience with the ballooned kitty, LaTisha said,

“He is the biggest cat of his size frame with that much weight on him that I’ve seen.”

King Leo must have fallen on some tough times before he was found. Animal rescue workers believe his unhealthy weight was a form of abuse by his old owners, but LaTisha insists he is a happy cat. It isn’t uncommon for owners to overfeed cats with tidbits, which is very harmful for the animal. If cats do not go on the prowl or hunt, their sedentary lifestyle, just like in humans, can cause severe obesity. It is a vicious circle in which the cat can’t go on the hunt since it is fat and continues to grow obese.

However, LaTisha has taken it upon herself to get King Leo on his springy feet and his old sprightly self with rigorous training regime which involves walking on a treadmill, reported The Daily Mail. Interestingly, the cat doesn’t walk on an ordinary treadmill, shared LaTisha.

King Leo Immediately Became Comfortable With The Water Treadmill

King Leo’s health is now being constantly monitored, and he is going through a physical therapy regime that includes water treadmill sessions. The water treadmill is a modified version of the traditional stationary jogger, which involves making the animals walk while being immersed in a water-bath. Dispelling the popular notion that cats hate water, King Leo was surprisingly comfortable with walking on a treadmill while being partially immersed, revealed LaTisha.

“As soon as we put him in the water, he started walking on the treadmill like he had been doing it for days – I was impressed.”

Just like every other cat, despite being overweight, King Leo loves a good belly-rub. Given the exercise regime etched out by LaTisha, the animal shelter is hopeful King Leo will be a healthy cat in no time.

[Image Credit | Barcroft USA]