Would-Be Robber In Florida Falls Asleep While Robbing The House, Police Have Some Fun

Sleeping on the job can be hazardous, but evidently, taking a nap can get you arrested, proved a would-be robber.

It was a great opportunity for Dion Davis, to rob a home in Sarasota County. The folks were away and the entry was flawless. Davis managed to successfully sneak in and collect the valuables, mostly jewelry, in a plastic bag. But then he thought of taking a quick nap on the double-bed in one of the bedrooms,f and that proved a very costly mistake.

The cleaning lady, who entered some time later, discovered Davis, fast sleep and immediately dialed 911. The deputies who arrived on the scene, found Davis, 29, fast asleep on the bed, apparently in mid-robbery. There was a plastic bag filled with jewelry from the home lying next to him on the bed.

Clearly, Davis was sleeping very soundly. Neither did he hear the cleaning lady enter or call the authorities, but, he didn’t so much as stir, when the police arrived to investigate. If that’s not all, Davis didn’t even wake-up when the deputies who arrived on the scene, whisked out their phones, instead of batons or guns and decided to photograph the rather stupid would-be thief, reported Media ITE.

Davis Was So Sound Asleep That He Didn't Hear Anything Till The Time The Police Woke Him Up

To add to the insult, police officials even posted the image on Facebook, which read,

“He was passed out with a bag full of stolen jewelry next to him on the bed and didn’t even notice the deputies taking pictures!”

The Florida cops clearly believe that Florida criminals are dumb, as they used the tag #FloriDUH for the photo.

Interestingly, Davis describes himself as a “Security Equipment Technician” on his Facebook page, and that could explain how he managed to gain entry in the house without tripping any alarms. The Sarasota County home was unoccupied. Hence, Davis is being charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling while unarmed, reported The Daily Mail.

Deputy J. Allen said officers found open drawers in the home and clear evidence of the burglary. In a statement given to the police, the maid said she arrived to clean the home and discovered the kitchen window open and Davis asleep on the bed. The cops congratulated her for not losing her cool and calmly calling the authorities. But poor Davis was beyond help as he rode a train to dreamland while the police drama was unfolding near him.

[Image Credit | Sarasota County Sherriff’s Office]