How Honest Are You With Your Kids? Probably Not As Honest As These Texting Parents

There’s something about texting that brings out the brutally honest side in all of us. Maybe it’s the faceless disconnection of a text message. Maybe it’s the terse, flat tone that could be interpreted any number of ways. But as the texts in this video show, even between parents and children, texting can be a little bit too brutally honest.

This video was put together by our brutally honest, but funny, friends at BuzzFeed, and it compiles seven of the funniest, painfully honest texting exchanges between parents and kids that you may ever see. Well, except when you text your own kids — or your own parents.

Psychologists have long wrestled with the question of how honest parents should be with children about a variety of topics, including their own lives. It’s a delicate balance.

Children are naturally curious about mom and dad. But at the same time, even grown-up kids like to put their parents on a pedestal, and sometimes the very idea that your parents are just plain old human beings with the same need, desires, joys, and disappointments as you do — well, that can easily fall under the category of “TMI.”

And to be honest with you, dear reader, we at The Inquisitr don’t really have any good guidance for you. But we can tell you how not to be honest with your kids. Just watch this texting video, and you’ll get the picture.