Barack Obama Bores Kid In White House Photo, Child Face Plants Onto Oval Office Couch

If you thought McKayla Maroney was not impressed by her White House visit, then you should check out this one kid. A photo shows Barack Obama meeting with two parents only to have their son doing a face plant onto the oval office couch as if to announce just how bored he truly is.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Joan Rivers’ funeral banned so-called “tranny” Michelle Obama and her family from attending as one of the A-list celebrities. If that’s not embarrassing enough, a New York golf course turned President Obama away on Labor Day weekend, which might have been a sort of political comment on how Obama has been vacationing during times some Americans feel he should be busy taking action.

It’s safe to say that not everyone is very impressed with the President of the United States. The hilarious photo was snapped by White House photographer Lawrence Jackson on June 23 as Barack Obama shook hands with an outgoing Secret Service agent and his wife.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information Jackson provided on his Flickr account for the background information on the White House photo, but we can probably imagine the circumstances. Here we have a little kid thrust into a meeting his parents obviously finding thrilling and important, but this child now epitomizes everything every stereotype of how easily children can be bored. Or maybe that’s just Barack Obama for you.