Racially-Influenced Mob Assault Against An Innocent White Man In Kroger Not Recognized As Hate Crime

The last two to three months have been heavy with news with racial undertones. Though there are numerous isolated incidents across the nation, the news surrounding Ferguson was probably the most racially charged. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerously on the events happening associated with the Michael Brown shooting. Our most recent news on the past situation is mostly the aftermath, which includes Ferguson kids making a video to “white people” about the issue of racism and Congress discussing police use of military gear because of Ferguson.

However, racism is a two-way street. Just like there is white-on-black hate crime, there is the opposite — that being black-on-white. Reportedly, there were beatings of white people in a Kroger parking lot last Saturday by a mob of black people, but it will not be investigated as a hate crime.

According to an article by the Memphis Flyer, three suspects in a beating that was reported to be racially-charged were apprehended. The Memphis Police Department did state there was not enough sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime. Toney Armstrong, director of the Memphis Police Department, shed some light on the situation in the following statement.

“I know this has a lot of racial undertones. I’ve gotten a lot of calls and I know Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton has as well. We will acknowledge that the majority of the suspects and the majority of juveniles involved in this were African Americans. But you have to also understand that there was an African American victim in this as well, as well as a non-African American male.”

Toney Armstrong did state that one 15-year-old suspect was charged for aggravated assault and aggravated rioting. The suspect has previous drug and firearm charges, isn’t enrolled in school this year, and his mother was charged in the past with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The three new suspects are pending on their charges.

Now The End Begins also reported on the news in which they attached video tape evidence of the actual beating. Utilizing the tape, they report the beating of some innocent white people senseless and near to death last weekend was 100 percent racially motivated, racially planned, and racially executed. However, the video is poorly directed, so we don’t know the precise cause of the crime. It could be possible the white people initiated something which, while it doesn’t make the situation any better, in fairness it should be known, too.

Now that you’ve read the details of the situation and seen the video above, we want to know what you think about this situation. Do you think this crime is racially motivated or not? Does the video above give enough evidence to justify a hate crime?

Better yet, a comment at the original source made an excellent observation. Going by what Toney Armstrong said, if this were a mob of white people beating up on black people in which one of their victims is a white man, would the reaction be the same? Please let us know in the comments below.