Four-armed prostrate surgical robot causes men to winch as it peels grapes [Video]

If you ever want to see a man cringe in absolute fear just mention anything that has to do with knives and their genital area. So you can just image the reaction of seeing Da Vinci, a robot with four-arms and precision knife wielding skills as it deftly skins a grape.

Normally Da Vinci can be found performing surgery at Southmead Hospital where it has performed 450 robotic radical prostatectomies as well as 30 bladder removals.

The whole grape peeling thing was the idea of Ramesh Thurairaja as a way to bring awareness of the diseases as well as the skill required to perform the surgery.

At the controls, Thurairaja can control all the robot’s arms, including one with an endoscopic camera that has two lenses for providing a total stereoscopic view. David Gillatt, lead clinician for urology at Southmead, described the footage this way:

We hope that by bringing a robot similar to our own out of the operating theatre and into a public setting we can raise awareness of the advances that have been made in treating prostate cancer.