Zombie Attack Games? Jessica Rocha Breaks Into House, Bites Victim As Part Of ‘Game’

Another “zombie” attack has occurred, and for once, it is not in Florida. Jessica Rocha of Oregon broke into a house and began biting and clawing her victims. Her explanation for the bizzare behavior? She was playing a zombie game.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the zombie attack in Florida became infamous with Rudy Eugene, a Miami cannibal who was shot dead by police in 2012 as he chewed off a homeless man’s face. But just earlier this year, another Florida zombie attack involved a man with a carving knife slowly shambling his way toward cops, and he would not stop, even after police shot him. Perhaps because Florida has gained a reputation for zombie attacks, one politician inserted a gun control amendment that made a joke of concealed carry laws by suggesting they were needed for a zombie apocalypse.

Oregon authorities said the woman was arrested after Rocha broke into the house of 37-year-old Erica Tate in the coastal city of Lakeside, pushing the woman down the stairs, pulling her hair, biting her on the face and telling her victim she was playing “the zombie game.” Coos County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Pat Downing says Rocha was likely high and was apparently drunk.

The zombie reference has Downing scratching his head because there is no definite reason for the idea that she was, in fact, LARPing some sort of weird zombie game and took things a little too far. Police did find a video game that mentioned zombies in the title, but they don’t see how the game could be connected to her “zombie” attack. Deputies have also speculated that Rocha may have come up with the zombie game idea based upon the scarecrow contest in the area.

Regardless of whether or not she had a reason for concocting a zombie attack, Jessica Rocha was arraigned on multiple charges including assault and is being held on a $77,500 bail.