Even panhandlers are going high tech thanks to Square [Video]

Well I gotta admit that I never saw this one coming but apparently panhandlers in some part of the US is going all high tech and accepting mobile payments using Square to accept Visa, Mastercard, or DiscoverCard donations.

As the post at The Next Web relates it this one homeless gentleman who goes by the name “Madwhite” has been just raking in the money; almost four times his normal daily panhandling take, because people can’t use the old “I have no cash” excuse.

Once they swipe their credit card, he even lets them know it’s a tax write off! And the best part for Madwhite? Once he has your information, he’ll email you to let you know what corners he’ll be frequenting next. If you’re lucky enough, maybe he’ll even shoot you a text.

Gotta love ingenuity eh.