Tony Bennett Claims Amy Winehouse Knew She Was Going to Die

After making headlines earlier this month over interesting remarks regarding 9/11, legendary crooner Tony Bennett is once again turning heads with his candor and bluntness, this time regarding the late Amy Winehouse.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Bennett told host Jon Stewart that Winehouse knew her alcohol addiction was going to kill her, when she recorded a song for his recently released record-breaking album, Duets II.

“She knew that she was in a lot of trouble, that she wasn’t going to live. It wasn’t drugs, it was alcohol, toward the end,” said Bennett, who recorded “Body and Soul” with Amy, in what would be her last recording before her death at the age of 27.

After sharing his sad story, Bennett then went on to praise Winehouse’s vocal abilities, comparing her to legendary Jazz/R&B singer, Dinah Washington.

“She was really, since Elvis Presley and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones … the only singer that really sang what I call the right way,” Bennett said of Amy. “She was really a great jazz singer, a true jazz singer.”

To see Tony Bennett’s full interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, watch the clip below: