'Nurse Jackie' Ending After Season 7, Final Episodes To Air In 2015

Showtime's long-running hit and fan favorite show Nurse Jackie will end after season 7, which is set to air in 2015. The show broke the news via Twitter and fans are quite disappointed to now that only a handful of episodes remain before it ends.

The Showtime PR Twitter page posted a picture of the cast breaking the news, noting that the cast "is working one last shift!" The network had renewed the show for a seventh season in March before the premiere of season 6 even debuted, a rather unusual move for Showtime. However, Peter Facinelli will not be a full-fledged part of season 7. He is headed to the NBC show Odyssey, though it is believed he will still be in some Nurse Jackie episodes.

From the looks of the photo, other fan favorites currently in the cast will be returning for this last run though. As TVLine notes, Nurse Jackie season 7 will add Tony Shalhoub to the mix of things. The former Monk star will play Dr. Bernard Prince. It seems Prince will be a new ER doctor who will grow close to Jackie.

How are fans reacting to the news that Nurse Jackie is ending? Most seem sad to hear that it'll be wrapping up after the next season, while others think it may already be past its prime a bit. As MSN notes, Edie Falco won an Emmy in the lead acting category for her work in the role of Jackie. The show started airing in 2009.

At this point, Showtime has not pinned down air dates for season 7 of Nurse Jackie. The past three seasons have run from mid-April to mid-June, so that seems a likely scenario for this final set of episodes as well. The final season is currently in production, and fans will be anxious to see where the show heads in these final episodes.

Do you think Showtime is making the right call by ending Nurse Jackie after season 7? The upside of Showtime making the call this early is that the writers should have plenty of time to decide where they are headed going into those final shows. Though fans would say there have been ups and downs throughout the previous six seasons, many are still disappointed to know the end is in sight.

Stay tuned for specifics regarding the premiere date of Nurse Jackie season 7 and details on what viewers can expect. How would you like to see it all end?

[Image via Showtime PR Twitter page]