‘Teen Mom’ Leah Has Stormy Confrontation With Ex Corey Over Daughter Ali

Corey and Leah are at it again. And the focus of their fighting? Daughter Ali, her wheelchair and her therapy.

There is underlying tension, as well, since Corey was recently served court papers – Leah is taking him to court in order to get more than the $200 a month in child support Corey is currently paying. She is also seeking full medical authority when it comes to their young daughter Ali.

Corey has had a hard time accepting the idea of his daughter Ali, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, in a wheelchair. Whereas mom Leah looks at the wheelchair as a tool to help Ali conserve her energy to better enable her to walk when she can, Corey has worried that his daughter would become dependent upon it. Last week, Corey asked for the wheelchair for the first time, giving Leah some hope that Corey was finally seeing what the wheelchair was really for, but on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah finds out that Corey is still procrastinating when it comes to actually getting a wheelchair covered by the insurance company for Ali.

Currently, Ali has been using a loaner wheelchair, which, while certainly better than no wheelchair, isn’t as good as the one that Leah hopes to get for her – if Corey’s insurance company will cover it. Corey has been on the hook for doing follow-up calls to the insurance company, and to Leah, it seems as though he hasn’t been doing enough. She tells him that no matter what they say, he should be calling them every day.

“We have to make sure she has one,” Leah pleads with him in a parking lot as both couples (Leah and her husband, and Corey and his new wife) meet to exchange the girls. “You can put more effort into it.”

Corey, however, feels that he has done everything he can, stating, “When I call them, they tell [me] it’s still in consideration of the board. What am I supposed to say?”

The exchange begins to get heated, and Corey says that he feels Ali’s therapy is every bit as important to her well-being as her wheelchair, and tells Leah that he was told Ali had been missing therapy sessions. He tells Leah, “What we was told, we weren’t very happy about. [We were told] that she’d be discontinued from the program if she didn’t start coming.”

And that’s when Leah loses it. She explodes at Corey, yelling, “No! Don’t f**king accuse me of s**t!”

Corey’s new wife steps in and tries to diffuse the situation, which ends with both Corey and Leah agreeing that all of it will be addressed in court.

Leah insists that Ali has only missed two therapy sessions, and that she has a doctor’s excuse for one of those absences. Corey seems to imply that Leah has caused Ali to miss more than just the two sessions. Leah has, apparently, been the only parent to take Ali to therapy over these last four years, however, and so her anger at Corey seems more than justified. But as angry as these two seem to be at one another, it does sound like court may be the place to settle these issues!

[Image via US magazine]