Haley Joel Osment Is A Fat Nazi?! That's What You Will Think When You See These Pics!

Jonathan Franks

Haley Joel Osment is a fat Nazi?

That might be the first thing that crosses your mind when you see these leaked pictures. However, you have to keep in mind that they are actually photos of Haley Joel Osment in character on the set of an upcoming Kevin Smith-directed film, Yoga Hosers.

Haley Joel Osment will be starring alongside Natasha Lyonne, Tony Hale, Justin Long, Adam Brody as well as the father-daughter duo of Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Depp.

Many people might remember Haley Joel Osment from his lengthy career as an adorable child actor. From such memorable supporting roles as the son of Forrest Gump to the leading roles in movies like The Sixth Sense and AI: Artificial Intelligence. Haley Joel Osment was able to build a cinematic foundation for himself in somewhat cute, family-friendly roles.

It is apparently clear that he is eager to shed that child star image and reputation as quickly as possible - especially by playing the role of an overweight Nazi in Yoga Hosers. Keep in mind that it is directed by Kevin Smith, so chances are that the last thing you will think about when you see Haley Joel Osment in character is "cute and cuddly."

As soon as the pictures of Haley Joel Osment on set leaked online through such media outlets as E! Online and Mirror, the reaction that many people had seemed to focus on just how terrible he looks in comparison to how he used to look as a child. For example, the headline of the image gallery on Mirror is, "This Kid from the Sixth Sense Looks Bloody Terrible."

And that is nowhere near as brutal as some of the reactions that have been posted on Twitter:

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[Image Credit: Daily Mail]