Is That Jeremy Lin? Newest Laker Pranks Freaks Out Visitors At Wax Figure Museum

Okay, Laker fans, let’s be honest: the coming season’s not looking too great. At the very least, though, it looks like we’ll have a truly entertaining Laker star in the form of Jeremy Lin, who has shown once again that he’s never afraid to pull a good prank, even on his mom.

Jeremy Lin turned prankster again last month when the new Laker turned up at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in San Francisco. The museum was showing off its new Jeremy Lin statue, and Lin apparently couldn’t resist the urge to joke on the museum’s visitors. Over the course of a few hours, Lin posed and stood perfectly still, pretending to be the museum’s newest wax figures.

When visitors approached or touched him, though, for a selfie or just for a closer look, Lin pounced, breaking character and giving everybody a good startle. Of course it was all caught on film, and of course Lin’s mom was the target of the prank as well. Lin even pulled one over on his uncle. [Video via Time.]

Here’s hoping, though, that Lin isn’t nearly so stiff when he throws on a Laker jersey this upcoming season. In what has been a pretty quiet offseason, the Lakers picked up Lin from the Houston Rockets in July, along with a 2015 first round pick and a second round pick. Lin had been struggling of late on the Rockets’ squad, with his performance falling far short of what he displayed back in the heyday of “Linsanity.”

Lin will be playing alongside Kobe Bryant, who’s not very much known for his joking. Kobe’s hardcore work ethic and dedication could well cramp Lin’s style, as is reported to have been the case with incorrigible jokester Dwight Howard. If Lin can return to form, though, he’ll still have a tough road ahead, as the NBA’s Western Conference is stacked with talent, and the Lakers will likely struggle to even make the playoffs. Sigh.

There are some indications that the trade for Lin could work out. Lin is originally from Los Angeles, and playing for his hometown may give him a boost. Maybe Lin and Kobe will connect, too. Lin is Harvard educated and super smart, and Kobe’s no intellectual slouch himself. Here’s to hoping Jeremy and Kobe can connect on a mental level and that that will parlay into basketball chemistry.

Still, Laker fans are at least sure to see some good comedy coming out of their new point guard. As the new video shows, Lin is always willing to joke – or jam – on anybody. If the wax museum video isn’t proof enough for you, check out another one where Lin and his brothers carry around a miniature hoop so that Lin can posterize unsuspecting passersby.

Once again, Mama Lin catches the wrath. Linsanity Round 2, anyone?