Husband Dies Trying To Give Wife CPR

An elderly husband died trying to give his wife CPR. The couple was found dead in their home on Lake Wylie in South Carolina Monday. Investigators believe 84-year-old Dave Molter was trying to perform CPR on his ailing wife when he collapsed next to her and died.

Brandy Williams, the couple’s caregiver, stopped by three days a week to check on them. WSOC-TV reports that Williams found them dead Monday morning after kicking the door open when no one answered.

Williams explained that Molter loved his wife, Corrine, in a way that made an impact on the caregiver, and everyone around them. She recalled, “[They were] just wonderful people. I’ve never met anybody like that in my life. I think they helped me more than I helped them. They helped my heart.”

KHON-2 notes that Williams added, “Just being there and seeing it with my own eyes. It’s like true love like no other. It’s the kind you see in movies, not the kind you see in real life.”

Corrine was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease and Dave would wait on her hand and foot. He was never away from her. Elke Hall, one of the couple’s neighbors, told the news station that the husband who died giving his wife CPR would often follow his wife when she would take a walk. He would stay out of sight so she didn’t know he was following.

Hall explained, “She would walk down the street, and he would follow her in the car, but way back so she didn’t know he was following.”

Corrine wandered away before, so everyone in the Lake Wylie neighborhood looked out for her. Hall noted, “I think that’s what all neighbors should do, is look out for each other.”

Wray Moxley, who was a fellow member of the Steel Creek Masonic Lodge, stated that the couple’s deaths were somehow right. He added, “It’s almost fitting I guess that the two of them are going to be together forever. He really loved her. We all knew if something ever happened, he’d take care of her.”

Williams echoed the sentiment, noting that, while she is sad they are gone, “I’m glad they’re together, and I knew that he wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The couple is survived by a daughter who lives in Hawaii, a son in North Carolina, and siblings in Florida and Maryland. York County Coroner Sabrina Gast said no autopsies are planned because no foul play is suspected.

[Image: WSOC-TV]