Delonte West Takes Furniture Job To "Stay Afloat"

Free agent Delonte West may be locked out of the NBA but that hasn't stopped him from earning some quick cash the old fashion way, West recently announced via Twitter that he has taken a job at Regency Furniture Showrooms a chain located in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

West has proven recently that hard work "to stay afloat" when in a transition period is the responsible way to go, he's even been excited about applying at Home Depot, Sam's Club and other places of employment over the last month.

After one day at Regency Furniture Delonte tweeted various pictures of his first day (including the one shown above) and Daniel King, a sales manager at the company's Brandwine store confirmed that he's an employee.

On his job application the NBA player said he was convicted of a crime for a "misunderstanding" after being pulled over on his motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case.

When asked about his job King said Delonte is a regular face around the store and sometimes "he just stops by and says hi." The store sees his employment as a win-win since West can make some extra ash and help promote the store.

Back in August Delonte wanted to sell knives at Sam's club but it looks like he's found a temporary home.

Where would you like to see your favorite NBA players work during the NBA Lockout? Kobe Bryant is going the more traditional route and staying with basketball, possibly for Italy's Virtus Bologna where he'll be earning $6.7 million for a full season.