‘Evel Dick’ Donato On ‘Couples Therapy’: ‘Big Brother’ Star Works On Relationship With Steph

Big Brother fans may well want to check out the season 5 premiere of Couples Therapy Wednesday night on VH1. “Evel Dick” Donato will be on this season, and he will be revealing a lot about his relationship with Stephanie Rogness-Fischer. What can fans expect from this new group of couples?

Evel Dick Donato won Big Brother 8, and both Dick and his daughter Dani Donato returned for season 13. However, during the first week of that season, Dick somewhat mysteriously left the show. He said a little after the fact about there being a personal situation that needed his attention, but he never got more specific than that.

According to Donato, he will end up sharing the specifics this season on Couples Therapy. While it isn’t clear quite yet whether those revelations will come in Wednesday’s premiere or an episode down the road, it sounds like it will be quite the reveal.

Dick tweeted,

“Yes, I talk about the reason I left BB13 on @VH1 @CouplesTherapy5 no bullsh*t, honest & to the point. Don’t believe the rumors, watch 9pm.”

There have indeed been a lot of rumors about why Evel Dick Donato left Big Brother 13, and many will be curious to see what he reveals on Couples Therapy. Donato has been quite the controversial reality TV figure over the years, an image he definitely embraces. He is outspoken and loves being the bad boy, but previews for this season of Couples Therapy seemingly show there is a softer side to him as well.

The “Meet the Couples” clip for Evel Dick and Steph on the VH1 site give fans some background in to how these two got together. They’ve been together on-and-off for about four years, but it has clearly been a rocky road. He says that she’s tried to change him and since he likes who he is, he let her go. However, they miss one another and the love seems to still be there. Dick even says that this may well be the last relationship he ever has.

Evel Dick and Steph say that they are doing Couples Therapy because they do still love one another and they want to figure out if they can make things work between them. Will the show bring them back together? Viewers will have to tune in to find out. Season 5 also features The Bachelor stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell along with Treach from Naughty by Nature, Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore, and adult film star Jenna Jameson.

The season 5 premiere of Couples Therapy airs on VH1 on Wednesday, September 10. Will people’s opinions of Evel Dick Donato change after watching him this season?

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