Portal 2 ‘Peer Review’ DLC coming out early next month (for free)

Good news and bad news, Portal 2 fans. The bad news is that Portal 2‘s first round of DLC won’t be coming out this month after all. The good news, though, is that it will be coming out in early October instead.

Valve announced earlier today that Portal 2‘s first DLC, “Peer Review”, will be made available for no cost to you on Mac, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 4.

The DLC continues the story of the lovable robot duo, P-Body and Atlas, and sees you and a friend trying to work out a new set of nefarious puzzles from GLaDOS. Additionally, the DLC adds in a new singleplayer and co-op challenge mode, complete with your standard leaderboards to see how your scores measure up.

If you just can’t bear to wait a few more days for the DLC, Valve is offering up the last set of tracks from Portal 2‘s soundtrack, Music to Test By, over on thinkwithportals.com. It may not be the DLC you hoped for, but at least you get something out of the wait!