‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Dan Gheesling Returns For Rewind Reveal Episode

There is a shake-up ahead on Big Brother 16 as the five remaining houseguests find out what that big button push meant a few days ago. As they learn that the past week meant essentially nothing, a fan favorite will return for a few moments. Dan Gheesling has teased a Big Brother spoiler that he will be on Wednesday’s show.

Gheesling tweeted that it is always an honor and a pleasure to return “home,” and he will be appearing on Wednesday’s show. Just what will he be doing? That much isn’t known quite yet. It may well be that he will just chat with Julie a bit in the studio, at least that’s what Big Brother Network is guessing. Of course fans would love it if he would enter the BB16 house to run the next Head of Household competition or reveal the rewind twist or something of that nature.

While viewers know that Wednesday night the rewind goes into effect, it hasn’t been entirely clear just what will happen from there. A new HOH competition will be held, as Frankie’s HOH and nominations will get tossed out the window. It is believed that everybody but Derrick will be able to play, since he was the outgoing HOH last week. While some had thought that there would be a full run through of the week, the HOH, nominations, Power of Veto and so forth, in this one episode, it seems that is not the case.

Rather, as Big Brother Network notes, it seems that the houseguests will go along with the live show about to the point where voting would normally take place, and then they’ll learn about the twist. It seems the countdown from the button is slated to run out right about the time that voting would usually begin.

From there, it seems likely that there will be a new HOH competition started and the show will end as the houseguests prepare to embark on a redo of this past week with someone new making the nominations. Though the houseguests haven’t been told what the twist is, at least some of them suspect or are pretty close to knowing what’s about to go down.

Will Frankie Grande manage to win HOH again and keep himself safe this coming week? If he doesn’t, he most certainly will be targeted. If Frankie does win HOH or the POV, then it’s likely back to Victoria heading to the jury. Are viewers ready to watch the replay of this past week over the course of the next few episodes? Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing on Wednesday, September 10 on CBS to see how it plays out.

[Image via CBS]