‘Couples Therapy’ With Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell: ‘The Bachelor’ Star Says Show Was Worth Doing

Season 5 of Couples Therapy debuts Wednesday night, and The Bachelor stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell will be part of the cast. Many fans were surprised to hear that Juan Pablo and Nikki would be doing the show as that would seem to indicate there is trouble in paradise, right? Galavis says, though that the experience was a good one.

As the premiere looms, Galavis took to his Facebook page to promote the show. Juan Pablo says that, while it was sad and was not easy, it was “totally WORTH it.” He notes that it ended up being one of the best, most gratifying experiences he has had.

Does Nikki Ferrell echo Juan Pablo’s sentiments? Well, that’s a bit tough to tell right now. Nikki seems to have deactivated her Twitter page entirely, and her Instagram page makes no references whatsoever to Couples Therapy. So far, it appears that any talk with the media about Juan Pablo and Nikki doing Couples Therapy has been via Galavis alone.

Juan Pablo and Nikki were just in Bali together in late August, so it seems interesting that Nikki isn’t participating in any of the hype for the show. Perhaps, The Bachelor fans will see more from her via social media regarding the show as it gets started.

Season 5 of Couples Therapy also features Big Brother star “Evel” Dick Donato. The bad boy of the CBS show is on the VH1 show with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer. Former adult film star Jenna Jameson is on the show with John Wood, and former Jersey Shore cast member Deena Cortese is on the show with Chris Buckner. Rounding out the season 5 cast is Naughty By Nature’s Treach along with Cicely Evans.

Previews for the new season have shown some pretty sad clips of Juan Pablo and Nikki. The two have had communication challenges, but Galavis tweeted that everybody needs therapy and it has changed their lives. He added that the show will help viewers better understand the clashes and challenges Nikki and Juan Pablo have been facing in terms of their different cultures.

Will the show help Galavis and Ferrell strengthen their relationship and ensure it will last? Fans won’t know the answer to that one for a while, but they’re curious to see where things stand. Tune in for the season 5 premiere of Couples Therapy with Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell airing on VH1 on Wednesday, September 10.

[Image via ABC]