'I Was An ISIS Sex Slave': 14-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Reveals Horror At Hands Of Islamic Terror Group

A 14-year-old Yazidi girl has revealed the details of her harrowing ordeal as an ISIS sex slave to The Washington Post, in a first-person article published Wednesday — a story in which she also tells of her daring escape from brutal captivity at the hands of the ruthless and psychopathic Islamic State militants.

The girl is identified only by the alias "Narin," because ISIS still holds her sister-in-law and she and her family fear that ISIS will strike back if she reveals her identity. She told her tale to Mohammed A. Salih, a Kurdish freelance journalist who covers northern Iraq.

Islamic State fanatics already executed her 19-year-old brother after they were captured by the militants on August 3 as they tried to flee from their normally quiet hometown of Tel Uzer, in northwestern Iraq.

"Suddenly several vehicles drew up and we found ourselves surrounded by militants wearing Islamic State uniforms. Several people screamed in horror. We were scared for our lives," she told Salih. "I've never felt so helpless in my 14 years. They had blocked our path to safety, and there was nothing we could do."
The ISIS militants separated the Yazidi captives by age and by gender, then loaded the groups onto separate trucks. As the trucks pulled away, Narin heard gunshots. She later found out that the ISIS fighters were cold-bloodedly mowing down the young men they had just apprehended, including her own brother who had only recently been married.

The Yazidi captives were dumped at a schoolhouse, where dozens more captive Yazidi women were already held captive, their husbands, fathers, and brothers slaughtered by the Islamic terrorists as well.

Then the ISIS fighters tried to force the Yazidi women to convert to Islam on the spot.

"One of them recited the words to the shahada, the Muslim creed, 'I testify that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet,' and said that if we repeated them, we would become Muslims," said Narin. "But we refused. They were furious. They insulted us a lot and cursed us and our beliefs."
Fed up with her resistance, the ISIS fighters gave Narin as a "gift" to a man called by the alias Abu Ahmed, "an overweight, dark-bearded man about 50 years old who seemed to have some high rank."

He took her to his home in Fallujah, and attempted to rape Narin repeatedly. "But I did not allow him to touch me in any sexual way. Instead, he cursed me and beat me every day, punching and kicking me. He fed me only one meal per day."

Narin's friend Shayma had also been "gifted" to another ISIS commander in Fallujah. Together, the best friends began to plan their own suicides. Their situations seemed that hopeless.

But they did not give up. ISIS, in an arrogant and sadistic mistake, allowed the girls to keep their cell phones, so that they could tell their parents of the tortures they were experiencing.

Instead, the girls called a family friend who lived in Fallujah, and who was a Sunni Muslim. The man agreed to help them. One evening when both of their captors were out praying, the girls found kitchen knives and used them to pry to locks off of their doors.

Using the niqab — the Muslim garment that covers a woman's entire face and body except for her eyes — as a disguise, the girls managed to reach the Sunni friend, and from there, despite looking over their shoulders for ISIS the whole way, made it to safety — using some well-placed bribes to get through checkpoints.

But after her month-long nightmare at the hands of ISIS, Narin now says she wants to leave Iraq once and for all. "This country is no place for me anymore. I want to go to a place where I might be able to start over."

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