Extinct Animal Species Named After Mick Jagger Because Of Its Oversized Lips!

A group of scientists recently unearthed a fossil of an extinct creature in the barren deserts of Egypt. Belonging to an ancient group of hoofed animals called the Anthracotheres, the creature had no official name. That’s when a scientist from the group who also happens to be a Rolling Stones fan thought of Sir Mick Jagger.

He noticed that the facial features of the creature – especially the oversized lips of the animal reminded him of Mick Jagger, the 71-year-old Rolling Stones founding member. Well, that was it – and the new species has been officially named Jaggermeryx Naida, which translates to “Jagger’s water nymph.”

Sir Mick Jagger did have some competition from Tomb Raider fame actress Angelina Jolie, who is also well known for her lips. Jaggermeryx, according to the scientists is one of the six species of Anthracotheres that is known to have existed. While it came from the same family, the new creature named after Mick Jagger did have a few distinguishing features. These included the tiny row of holes on both sides of its jaw that enabled the animal to be more sensitive. This creature is believed to have roamed planet earth nearly 19 million years ago – well after the last of the dinosaurs had died out.

According to Ellen Miller of Wake Forest University, who also happens to be a co-author of the study group that found the extinct species, the animal was the size of a small deer and looked like a cross between a slim hippo and a long-legged pig. Phys.org reports that the researchers only had a few segments of the extinct animal’s jawbone to reconstruct it and come to the conclusion that the creatures lips were similar to that of Mick Jagger’s.

Greg Gunnell, a paleontologist at the Duke University and a co-author of the study, says;

“The animal probably had a highly innervated muzzle with mobile and tactile lips, thus the Jagger reference.”

He added that the animal could have used its large lips to forage and scoop up food with the help of its lower set of teeth.

Scientists also say that while the area in Egypt where the remains of the Jaggermeryx Naida has been found is a dry and arid region, millions of years ago, it used to be a lush tropical swampland – most probably a river delta.

Both Ellen Miller and Greg Gunell are huge Mick Jagger fans and the decision to name the new animal after Mick was natural. On the flip side, we are quite unsure if Mick would be happy to see his name attached to an extinct animal!

[Image Via huffingtonpost.com]