‘Star Wars Episode VII’: Millennium Falcon And X Wing Spotted In Aerial Shot

J.J. Abrams has kept details of Star Wars Episode VII under wraps and very little information has made it out of Pinewood studios, where the production is currently under way. However, on Tuesday, an aerial photo of what looks to be the Millennium Falcon and an X Wing was posted to Twitter.

One of the few things we know as fact is that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his Millennium Falcon will be part of the storyline in Star Wars Episode VII. Other than that, we don’t know to what extent the legendary spacecraft will be featured in Abrams’ much anticipated blockbuster.

The photo shared on Comic Book was posted to Twitter on Tuesday and shows a half-constructed Millennium Falcon, and a X Wing nearby. Matthew Myatt (@FlyMAC_Popham) — who was taking publicity photos for a flying school — told BBC that initially he believed these to be experimental aircraft, however later on realized it was the real thing.

“It wasn’t too clear until I viewed the picture and then realized what it was. I grew up with Star Wars so I started jumping around.” Myatt said.

While the new Star Wars Episode VII photo doesn’t really give any insights into what the plot is, it gives followers a small piece of something to mull over for the next few days. Let the speculation begin.

At this point, fans seem to be surprised that the Millennium Falcon and X Wing are actually being built, as opposed to creating a digital image and using a green screen, like many productions do nowadays. And this is comforting to those fans who remain skeptical of how Abrams will portray the continuation of the saga in Star Wars Episode VII.

The Millennium Falcon has been the most talked about prop during the filming of the new saga, ever since it was spotted in the studio by TMZ. It later on made news again, when Harrison Ford broke his leg after one if its hydraulic doors fell on him, which ended with him having to undergo surgery. Some photos of the spacecraft’s interior were also leaked online.

Millennium Falcon interior green screen

Now that Han Solo is back in action, so is Star Wars Episode VII and these new photos of Han solo’s Millemnium Falcon gives us something to talk about in a mostly mum production. Maybe J.J. Abrams can post a cryptic tweet soon.

[Image via Lucasfilm]