This Kitten Named Seven Adopted By A Dog Will Be The Most Adorable Thing You See Today

Pets have shown a remarkable ability to sense the vulnerability in fellow animals and humans too. These animals have a keen understanding of the underlying need to protect their fellow creatures that can’t defend themselves and may soon fall prey to cruel nature or some predator of higher order.

So when Seven, a kitten who wobbles and stumbles frequently was introduced into a family of abandoned pets, Murkin the shelter dog immediately adopted her. Together, the duo is very happy and content in each other’s company. However, Seven has a rather heart-breaking condition due to which she falls and stumbles with alarming regularity.

She was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is caused when the mama kitty gets infected with a virus while pregnant. Seven and her mama were living as strays in deplorable conditions, and she was the only kitten in her litter to survive the first few weeks. Around six weeks of age, her mama kitty tried to relocate Seven to higher ground, but Seven lost her balance and took a wild tumble off the roof of a good Samaritan.

She was immediately rushed to a vet, who happened to be the owner of Murkin. The vet took Seven in and Murkin took her under his wing.

Medically, Seven’s brain lacks the ability to coordinate fine motor control. However, the rest of her brain and body function normally. In fact, she has no idea she’s any different! She is able to eat, drink and play like a normal kitty. She has a normal lifespan and requires no special medical care. Incidentally, there are hundreds of cats out there suffering from Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Seven can navigate around the house on hardwood floors, but would do best in a house with at least one room of carpet (or lots of soft rugs), and her current owner claims despite her struggle with maintain balance, Seven has never once missed the litter box, reported Love Meow.

Cats are survivors and can seek out ways to live in the most horrendous of conditions, but cats like Seven have a severe limitation that makes them very vulnerable to predators and perils of the modern and civilized world. Though physically fit, cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia are unable to hunt for food and need a guardian angel to constantly watch over them. While Seven does have Murkin for now, her owner is looking for a loving home for the cat who has more than once proven to be a fighter.

[Image Credit | YouTube]