Kelly Ripa On Neil Patrick Harris Wedding: Event Featured Magic, Sir Elton John And ‘Orange Boy’

Kelly Ripa’s Neil Patrick Harris wedding tidbits, shared Monday on Live! With Kelly and Michael, gave fans of both Kelly and Neil a great insider’s look at the elegant and magical affair. Harris married David Burtka in Italy over the weekend, and Ripa was there.

As Us Weekly shares, Kelly Ripa’s Neil Patrick Harris wedding overview indicates that it was a beautiful and intimate affair. Neil and David pulled it off without the media catching wind of it ahead of time, something typically not easy for celebrities to do these days. Kelly says that the guys rented a castle and had fireworks. Sir Elton John performed, and there were even magic tricks involved. Long time fans of the How I Met Your Mother star know that he has always been a fan of magic, as he is a magician himself.

Naturally David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris’ wedding featured the couple’s twins Harper and Gideon, who are 3-years-old. Kelly Ripa says that naturally Harper was set to be the flower girl while Gideon was slated to be the ring bearer. However, it seems he had no interest in that title. Rather, he wanted to be “the orange boy.” So, Neil and David went with it. Gideon passed out oranges to the guests as he walked down the aisle as wearing a tuxedo and top hat.

Burtka and Harris have been together since 2004. After same-sex marriage became legal in New York, they got engaged. After the Italian wedding, Harris tweeted a picture of the couple from the nuptials and shared the exciting news. He added, “We put the ‘n’ and ‘d’ in ‘husband.'”

As Live! With Kelly and Michael fans know, Neil Patrick Harris and Kelly Ripa have been close friends for years. He has stepped in as a guest host on the show many times, and when Ripa needed a new sidekick, there were many who hoped Harris would be available to get the gig. While that didn’t happen, it’s clear the two continue to have a tight relationship.

Though the Italian nuptials do sound as if they were a very elegant affair, clearly Neil and David incorporated a lot of fun components. Kelly Ripa’s Neil Patrick Harris wedding tidbits also noted that the guys shared beautiful wedding vows with one another, and the event was a “very quiet, very private, family affair.” She adds, though, that Neil did give her permission to talk about it on the show. Congratulations to Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka!

[Image via E! Online]