DiGiorno Apologizes For Offensive #WhyIStayed Domestic Violence Tweet

DiGiorno Pizza is doing damage control after posting an offensive tweet making light of domestic violence with the hashtag #whyIStayed. The company attempted to participate in a trending hashtag, but did not research what the hashtag was about before posting.

This mistake lead to a tweet that many found offensive regarding a sensitive subject- domestic violence. Following the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, the hashtag #whyIstayed began to trend. The hashtag was designed to shed light on why some women stay with an abuser. However, DiGiorno was not aware that the hashtag was dealing with domestic violence so tweeted:

"#WhyIStayed You had pizza."
As soon as the tweet when live, tweeters jumped on the company for their offensive remark.DiGiorno made a couple public apology tweets admitting that they did not research what the hashtag was about before posting and within seconds of receiving the backlash deleted the tweet. However, a screen shot of the ill-fated tweet can be seen below.

DiGiorno Tweet

The apologies went as follows:

However, some tweeters were equally appalled to learn the company tweeted on trending hashtags without thoroughly researching them.The DiGiorno mistake highlights the importance of those posting to social media to know exactly what they are posting about. What do you think about the DiGiorno #WhyIStayed tweet? Was it an honest mistake or a stunt for publicity?