Fermilab's Shuts Down Tevatron Atom Smasher After Decades Of Use

With the Large Hadron Collider fully overshadowing other atom smashing equipment it was only a matter of time before Fermilab's shut down the Tevatron atom smasher and that time has come.

The Tevatron has been in operation for 25 years and was the first to discover the "top quark" a subatomic particle that is one of the building blocks of "matter."

During two and a half decades the Tevatron actually managed to find three of the 17 particles believed to be the building blocks of the universe.

One of the biggest medical achievements of the Tevatron was the invention of the MRI machine, the system even helped scientists understand what it would take to make a successful Large Hadron Collider which ironically led to Tevatron's demise.

Some scientists are standing behind the Tevatron, worried that the shift from a US based project to European soil will mean less interest in the U.S. science community. However it has also been agreed upon by some experts in the community that the Tevatron has done all it an do within it's limited capabilities.

Here's a quick video showing off some of Tevatron's facilities:

Are you sad to see the Tevatron shutting down in the United States as major experiments such as the LHR move overseas?