Ron Paul Raises $5 Million In Q3 2011

Rep. Ron Paul managed to gain some fundraising steam in the third quarter, raising his take to $5 million in the three month haul, slightly more than the $4.5 million the congressman took in during Q2.

Paul’s presidential campaign chairman Jesse Benton confirmed the number which was originally reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Candidate’s have until Friday to raise all of the money they can in order to report their fundraising totals to the Federal Election Commission by October 15.

The third quarter of a primary election is important since it shows what type of influence a politician has. The more public opinion polls a candidate can win and the more cash-on-hand they have to put up a political fight are important factors in determining their feasibility of winning a major election cycle.

While his numbers are definitely not “chump change” It should be noted that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is expected to announce that he has raised $11 to $13 million during the same time period.

What might be most impressive about Ron Paul’s fundraising is that he’s done it using “money bombs” which are small donor donations collected over a one or two day period.

Unlike his fellow politicians who are hoarding their war chests for a showdown with President Obama, Ron Paul has been spending the cash he has taken in, placing four ad buys on broadcast and cable television in 2011.

Even if Ron Paul doesn’t pull off a surprising victory his supporters are definitely unwavering in their belief for his ideals.