Fantasy Football Roundup: What You Need To Know For NFL Week 2

The 2014 NFL Season is underway, and with it, the 2014 Fantasy Football season! Week 1 is already behind us, but as we turn our attention to Week 2, here are some things my fellow Fantasy Football nerds need to look out for.

The big Fantasy Football news for Week 2 is, of course, Ray Rice. If you haven’t done so already, drop him. His season is over, and his career is likely over, too. Good riddance. Justin Fossett is in line to get his job, and according to CBS Sports, he isn’t owned in the majority of fantasy football leagues (or at least, those hosted by CBS Sports), so he should be popular on the waiver wire this week.

In more positive fantasy football news, Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell – considered a low-first-tier running back at the beginning of the season – had a breakout performance against Cleveland last Sunday, rushing for 109 yards and a TD, according to Unfortunately for Bell, he appears to have a fondness for The Reefer, according to this Inquisitr article, and has run afoul of the NFL’s utterly ridiculous drug policy. However, he’s not likely to face disciplinary action any time soon, so he’s a solid Fantasy Football starter for Week 2, and the rest of the season; at least until the NFL decides otherwise.

And now for the rest of the Fantasy Football roundup:

  • Quarterbacks: The Rams’ Shaun Hill is out with a quad injury, and as of this post, he will be a game-time decision. Best go with another quarterback if you have the option.
  • Running Backs: Eddie Lacy, Ben Tate, Doug Martin, and Toby Gerhart are all injured in one way or another. Lacy is a game-time decision, Tate is out 2-4 weeks and Martin and Gerhart are both “wait and see.”
  • Wide Receivers: Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery both had injuries Sunday. Marshall is good to go and Jeffery is probable, so there is not big fantasy football news in this category, unless you want to risk a waiver move on Josh Gordon, who may get his suspension overturned before the season is out (again, the NFL’s drug policy is ridiculous, if you didn’t catch that earlier).
  • Tight Ends: Jordan Reed is definitely out for this Sunday, according to Redskins coach Jay Gruden. The Bengals’ Tyler Eifert is also out for at least Week 2. As of this post, the Browns’ Jordan Cameron is a game-time decision.

Do you have any inside advice that you’d like to share with other fantasy football players for Week 2? Let us know below.

[Image courtesy of: Fashionably Geek]