Phaedra Parks Divorce: Apollo Nida’s Parting Words As He Begins Prison Sentence, Will He Miss Phaedra?

With so much speculation involving Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, getting a divorce from Apollo Nida, more will surface now that he’s headed to prison. Apollo begins his prison sentence in Kentucky Wednesday, and he has some parting words before being locked up.

Speaking with Forbes magazine, Nida shares his reflections and regrets leading up to this point in his life.

When asked if he has any regrets about appearing on RHOA with wife, Phaedra, he explains that it initially was about supporting her. Had he examined the situation more closely, he would have been more cautious on-camera.

“When I look back on my five years on the show, I don’t regret being on the show. At the time, I thought I was supporting my wife and her role on the show. Now that I look back on where I am now and where I came from, I wish I had taken a step back and truly figured out how to determine a storyline without causing any controversy.”

Apollo regrets not sticking true to his word after telling himself he wouldn’t get caught up in criminal activity again. He’d already served six years in prison for auto theft and now this conviction of an eight-year sentence for bank fraud and identity theft. His second regret is “letting his sons down.” The Real Housewives husband says although he let them down; he’ll “never stop loving them.”

Apollo Nida doesn’t mention Phaedra Parks in the interview; he had every chance to when asked what he’ll miss the most while serving his sentence.

“First and foremost, I will miss my sons the most. Ayden and Dylan mean the world to me. I grew up without a father so leaving my boys is extremely difficult. But I will also miss those little things that you just can’t do in prison. Things like the leather seats in my car, going out for a steak dinner, flying out of town; you name it, I will miss it. Overall, I will miss my freedom.”

So, he’ll miss the material things more than his wife? This adds a bit more fuel to divorce rumors. He already admits he doubts his marriage to Phaedra will last while he’s in prison. There’s some basis for assumptions that Apollo and Phaedra will split in a matter of time.

Nida has spent the last few days taping Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7 and getting his affairs in order before entering prison. He reportedly hasn’t spent any time with his sons as he intended to.

One of the final things Apollo is wrapping up, is his autobiography. As the Inquisitr just reported last week, Nida wrote a book about his life, upbringing, and experiences. It’s unknown if any RHOA secrets will be spilled. TMZ reports that he has a team of writers working to complete the book.

It’ll be interesting to see what he says about Phaedra Parks in the tell-all book.

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